From a male perspective.

As a woman i can't speak for all, but who i know.
We are emotional, calculated, nosey, maybe abit needy.
Definately head strong!
I lack confidence but i know when i'm right. ha!

Anyway i decided to interview a man, not rich and famous.
No fancy name. A "normal" guy. My aim was to try and dig a little into how 
he thinks....see's....does...
I'm not sexist! But males do tend to have a different thought, feeling 
process. And most don't trust easily.

I'm going to do this using Q & A.
I hope its worth the read, if not i'm sorry to disappoint!!
Hoping in some way women get an understanding and some may find it 


Q- Why do you think men hate commitment?

A- I don't think they do, but to put an answer to it.
It's like you want the relationship but you don't want to let go of
your freedom. Meaning; Go out whenever we like, do what we want whenever 
we want and not be hounded home.


Q- What do you think men have against communication?
(calling, talking, opening up.)

A- Majority of men have a aplha male mindset, to do with talking 
about emotions. And you don't want to appear weak to anyone. I suppose
it boils back down to, not been told what to do/pestered about time.
You always get for example..If you go out with your mates and say your 
partner rings, or keeps texting, you get stick for it. 
"Proper under thumb" "Put your phone away, your with us" 
"I wouldn't let my Mrs tell me when i'm going home"
You don't want it to come across as though your being told what to do,
its embarassing.


Q- Do you think your life ends when you get married?

A- No, it just changes.
But it's something you hear all the time like "That's it now"
"Ball and Chain" and i think personally, people that say that. That aren't 
married, are jealous. And people that are married and say it, are generally 
just joking. People take what they want from it, i suppose that relates 
back to commitment. What i mean by jealous, is not that their jealous
personally. Their jealous of the time their losing with their friend..
Your life doesn't end, your just making new memories with someone
you love.


Q- Do you tell your Mum everything?

A- No, in the past i did.
But i think when your younger, your looking for someone to help solve
your problems. As you get older you tend not to, because it's your own 
buissness. It's just part of growing up.


Q- Do you notice if we (women) gain weight?

A- Yes, but it's not an issue if it's someone you actually love. I think
it's only an issue if your with someone for the wrong reasons.
Obviously unless it's health related.


Q- Do you think about your Ex-Girlfriend?

A- No. At the beginning of a new relationship, yes.
If it was pretty recent or long term..
Your not necessarily missing them, it's just they were a part of 
your life and i suppose you do compare. I.e; scenarios/personality.

kicked in the balls

Q- How does it feel to get kicked in the balls?

A- I don't think a woman would ever understand that. Just as men wouldn't
with labour and period pains.
It feels like an exposed nerve being squeezed as hard as it possibly could
be squeezed. It makes you feel physically sick! In that much pain!

Done!!!!!! I hope you got/get something from it?
Thanks for reading :)