Poetry - Short stories - Life


If i could record the memories of the situations i've seen and been put in.
If you could see what you said and did, how it affected the people and the 

For every single person, blood or not.
When you pull and rip and tear every good thing from that person, everything
they ever found hope in.

You shatter their life's, you steal there health, you torture there minds 
and you control their thoughts.
You live your life already with regret, mistakes, accidents.

You found a soul only beginning that journey and pulled away at it til it
had no hope, no where to run.

Not even a home to rest. You did that to escape your own reality's, making
someone else's issues a problem to escape your own shame.

Poetry - Short stories - Life


I wasn't meant to find you this way.
But then, what beats more than the best unexpected day.

I saw your eyes, they told me something the others don't know.
Is it too cliche to tell you, how beautiful they glow.

I wish this day would never end.

Your now my more than friend.

Poetry - Short stories - Life


For every ambition i have, your there. 
You fight my corner expecting nothing in return.
Simply because you care.

For the blind to the eye battles, that's trapped my mind for the day.
You take the lead and guide me away.

For the mood swings i didn't keep down.
You still stuck around.

For the lack of conversation on a long day.
The hope in your eyes.
My heart screams, please stay.




Poetry - Short stories - Life


It begins at the most vulnerable, emotional state.
You don't need compatibility, you just open your heart to this stranger
that seems so familiar.

There's no exhaustion, it's a non blood related bond.
Laughter, sadness, experiences, support, joy.

A shoulder, a rock, a comfort.
A joint effort with no commitment.

A pick up, where you left off.