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It will always be you & me. 🖤

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No one knows.

No one knows

Why we get the lows.

On your shitty days, you try to drown your thoughts, with bad food and t.v shows

No one knows

The way we deal with pain.

You over think, ask google, diagnose yourself insane.

No one knows

The outcome we’ll get.

The self pity will only get us upset.

No one knows

Who we are, where we lye.

How much evil has come and gone in our lives.

No one knows, for how long.

But in time you will feel strong.


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Right now your not here,

I can tell your full of fear.

Please don’t lose hope,

keep up your dote.

Life is not forever, we often agree.

Your heart aches, today I’m giving you mine, as you would for me.

Progress is positive,

keep that in your mind.

Make sure you find your time,

to relax and unwind.


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My promise to you.

My heart is yours.

I’ll definitely do half the chores.

I’ll guide you when your lost.

When I spend I’ll consider the cost.

I’ll believe in everything you want to achieve.

On busy days, I’ll give you space to breathe.

I’ll always be honest, and let you think your the strongest.

I’ll never let you down, and make sure we keep our feet on the ground.

Everyday I will love you, and we’ll always sit and plan our lives with a good brew. 🖤


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When your life is stuck in a rut. (P1)

Hi! if you've read the title, it's pretty much self explanatory.
& INCLUDING MYSELF, were all here for the same thing. I'm going to think 
and type and then probably hit publish in impulse so please don't mind the 

Right then :D I'm 22, in part time work. A Mother of 2 & A Wife. 
I work 24 hours a week split into 2 12 hour shifts, not too bad you say?
I'm unbeleivably ambitious and love to learn, i didn't in my younger 
years but now i understand knowledge gets you places.
I wish i caught on to that back then but better late than never.
When i get something in my head i tend to go straight for it or want it
here and now, impatient and stubborn some might say.
So i've done some courses to get me places but it doesn't seem to work out, 
or i get half way to where i want to be and flap, so it falls threw.

My stuck in a rut issue came about after my son, like i wanted to get 
myself a better job show my kids look i can still do this, even though 
i'm doing it while your here rather than before. I wrote it all out, 
got it all set in my head, then i came off maternity leave.
Of course i returned to work, bills to pay, mortgage and now 2 children.
There's my rut, i can't quit work that would be stupid, yet i want the
oppurtunity's but i can't get to them whilst in my job.
I've had 2 chances of new work, one was way too many hours the other fell 
through (my fault) now my third's new but this is probably
for my line of work a dream job. Mostly surrounded by Germs (my worst night
mare) but i feel confident in my Job, that i'm good at it.

You'll notice a P1 in the title, take that as part 1. I've only just come 
up with it seems like a good idea, that way i can write how i get on!

Thanks for reading!